Woman's World 2003 NPA 2004 - Pharmacy Business & Practice MIRA - New Technology 2003 IHM - A Centennial Celebration BDHF Word of Mouth 2004 Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises 2004 Facilities Manager 2003 Director of Finance 2004 BCS Review 2003 Pira - Profit Through Innovation 2003


International Advertising Association
A New Connectivity, How Technology is Changing the Marketing World

International Advertising Association
Technology and the World of International Marketing Communications

Pira International
Profit Through Innovation 2003

IT + Communications

Telecommunications Industry Association
Communications in the 21st Century

British Computer Society
Review 2003

British Computer Society
Review 2002


British Computer Society
E-commerce & E-business Security Review 2001

British Computer Society
Review 2001

British Computer Society
Review 2000

Business and Finance

Director of Finance
Corporate Purchasing 2004


FIATA 75 Years On
75th Anniversary Commemorative 2001

Facilities Manager

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises 2004
Growth for the 21st Century

Science Technology and Medicine

British Dental Health Foundation
Word of Mouth - Dental Health & Practice 2004

Institute of Healthcare Management
A Centennial Celebration: Healthcare in the 21st Century

75 Years of Cooperation in the Electricity Industry

New Technology 2003

National Pharmaceutical Association
Pharmacy Business and Practice 2004

The Textile Institute
International Review 2001

Women's Interest

National Federation of Women's Institutes
Womans World 2003/2004

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